Exciting first time in Perth, Australia

Exciting first time in Perth, Australia

So many travelers favor Sydney or Melbourne, the bigger, glitzier cities in the east of Australia, but I’ve got a bit of a crush on Perth. It is fascinating how Perth even exists; it is located on the west coast of the country, just under a 2,700-kilometre drive from Adelaide, which is its closest city. To put that into perspective, the distance from London to Moscow is only 1,700 kilometers!

But exist very well it does. Perth is the sunniest city in Australia, with the most beautiful summer weather. Perth has friendly locals, great vineyards, a breathable city center, a cosmopolitan population, great food, breathtaking nature and plenty of pubs and clubs to enjoy once the day is done.

Despite Perth being incredibly disconnected from the rest of Australia – the only ways to reach it are by flying, a very expensive 65-hour train ride from Sydney to Perth or a long (but incredible, I’ll add!) road trip across the Nullarbor Plain, named after the fact that there are no trees for about 1,000 kilometers – it is very convenient for travelers coming from other locations around the world.

Perth is often the cheapest city in Australia to fly into from Asia; flights from Bali, in particular, are often sold for unbelievably low prices. The world’s first non-stop flight from London to Australia now lands in Perth Airport, as well. This makes it often the first or last stop on many traveler’s Australia trips. But even if your final destination is east Australia, don’t rush off too quickly – stay awhile and enjoy all Perth has to offer.

Whether you’re visiting Perth on a backpacking trip in Australia or traveling the city with your family, this 5-day itinerary to Perth will help you work out exactly what to do in and around Australia’s city of light. Are you ready to see the best of Perth in 5 days?

Best Time to Visit Perth
The best time to visit Perth is without a doubt the summer. This is when the city enjoys months of virtually no rainfall. If you’re sensitive to the heat, it’s best to visit during the shoulder seasons of April, September and October. Visiting out of school holidays will escape the crowds as well.

How to Get Around Perth
If you’re just exploring one area of Perth at a time, the city is very walkable. There is also a free CAT bus that orbits the centers of Perth and Fremantle.

To reach the suburbs you can either take the train – trains leave Perth station to suburbs in the north, east and south – or, for more flexibility, hire a rental car.

Where to Stay in Perth
From cheap hostels to 5 star luxury hotels, Perth has all kind of accommodations options available. Below are some of our favorites.

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